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Since the creation of the instruments TAD and BPD in 2005, a change of technique had to be implemented to maximize their usage. In 2010 IN-tendo 'Precise Indirect Bonding Systems' was created to make our Lingual Orthodontic Laboratory work more precise ...and customized!, we have become masters of our craft. Our commitment to quality products, exceptional services and incomparable customer care keep our community coming back again and again. We never stop improving, and are continuing to expand our offerings based on important feedback on how we can best serve the needs of the Orthodontists and Technicians for instruments, techniques and training in the Indirect Bonding of labial and Lingual brackets.

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We are always looking to Innovate and Improve...

IN-tendo Precise Indirect Bonding Systems has earned its positive reputation because we go out of our way to provide truly exceptional service to each of our customers. We understand that your needs can change  and we’re ready to adapt our services quickly to ensure your success.

For this we have also recently launched a NEW Lingual Bracket! With DTC www.dtchz.com we have created the IN-tendo JK-SL Lingual bracket system...quality product at a very attractive price.

Passive SL Lingual Brackets... In-tendoJK-SL Lingual Brackets


Smooth design, Low friction, easy function and New slot size for better Torque control

Lingual Lab courses available with Peter Sheffield, tailored to your needs ...private clinics / labs or groups.

Customized IDB Transfer Trays to make bonding an easy experience...Light Cure or Chemical Cure, it's up to you! Trays can be section and used for re-bonding  as our special materials do not alter over time.

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