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Helping to make Lingual Orthodontics more available and affordable.


Welcome to IN-tendo Precise Indirect Bonding Systems

Who We Are and What We Do...

Since 2004 after training with Dr. Fillions lab in Paris, Peter started his journey on the 'Research and Development' of Lingual Orthodontic laboratory instruments an techniques.

First the TAD and BPD in 2005, then in 2010 it became a full time passion and the IN-tendo Hybrid system was developed to enable total customization of bracket positioning via indirect bonding for Lingual and Labial Orthodontics, using the T.T.S. and B.P. I. instruments.

We have become masters of our craft. Our commitment to quality products, exceptional services and incomparable customer care keep our community coming back again and again. We never stop improving, and are continuing to expand our offerings based on feedback and cooperation with clients and companies. Interested in working with us? Contact us.

New instruments will be available at the start of 2020.


From Fundamentals to the latest techniques  we choose what works

Instruments, Brackets, Courses / Teaching, to Lab Services its our Menu to choose from, we leave it up to you to discover what is best for your clinic.

Peter with Dr Takis and Kobayshi San
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IN-tendo JK-SL Lingual Brackets

A new passive self-ligating bracket for Lingual Orthodontics...Comfort and Function!
New slot / base angles, New slot size for lighter forces but good Torque control...easy to use and you wont believe the price!


Lab Courses: Training Provided so you can do your own 'In-House' Indirect Bonding.

The cost of equipment and training is only around the cost of 3 cases with one of the current CAD CAM systems, so what are you waiting for!


All bonding can be fully customized directly onto the malocclusion models.

Choose your own prescription based on the reading and needs. No individual bonding jigs required and our transfer trays are favourites with all who use them.


Possibility to have combined 3 Day "De-Mystifying Lingual Orthodontics" Courses Chez Vous! 

We have given many courses all over the world.

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